Communidad (Community)


We are passionate about the arts, expression, and cultural experiences that not only include songs and dance, but inter and intra community interactions which often transcends geographical, racial and religious boundaries. Collaborating with artists and educators from around the world, the foundation Conciencia Amazónica seeks to strengthen ancestral knowledge, empower the communities with creative education focused on ecology and health, and of utmost importance, learning while having fun. A natural outcome of these processes is observed from past projects with educational and expressive activities, which have resulted in novel income generating activities assisting rural economies, while positively impacting social changes.

Conciencia Amazónica will continue and expand on such projects, with boys, girls, mestizos, Shuar, of all ages participating in cultural and educational activities that integrate the rain forest as a classroom, resulting in a new environmental awareness, motivating youth who will be the proactive members of local societies, the next generation of leaders of Limon-Indanza with an empowered identity, creative and conscious.

In addition, cultural, artistic, and basic investigative projects will be undertaken, with continual guidance, interaction, and data collection from ecological studies within the rainforest with community members. As we learn about the vast biodiversity within the local ecosystem, children will express their observations, compiled in their local school and public buildings, and the community knowledge base will be expanded to include the richness of their fauna and flora. Interexchange’s between visiting artists and educators will put the community members as guides, empowering them as they teach the outcomes of the studies, sharing their knowledge.

Assistance is needed to continually support these projects, requiring essential equipment, educational space development, curriculum and didactic material development, transportation and other logistics are all components necessary for success.

Support for such projects are of utmost importance for our main objectives as a foundation.