Visiting the Universities

VISITING THE UNIVERSITIES with the objective of continuing to prepare themselves in these centers of higher education. As adults and sometimes even as teachers we think that today’s youth is frivolous, without goals and even “idle” personally I think that unlike our generation that dreams of leaving a legacy and thus works, prepares, strives – this because we are shortening the time – they instead worship life, do not stress about what comes, live the day, … without haste. Because THIS is THEIR time, the time of the family will come, and even of society, in the meantime, they enjoy what they have. I believe that as a teacher I am understanding their philosophy and I am pleased to share my experiences and to be able to offer them the options so that they can choose their OWN WAY, THEIR LIFE. Thanks to the Municipal Government for supporting us with transportation, to Jaime Agett and Mr. David for financing the food, to the PP. For trusting me and to you guys for sharing your plans and dreams, as well as your concerns and worries.

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