Tourism Round Table Limon Indanza

Excellent public participation in a round table conversation in Limon Indanza regarding the touristic potential and steps necessary to make tourism a community wide income generating activity.

TOURISM AND CONSERVATION GO HAND IN HAND, AND THERE IS A LOOMING THREAT, OPEN PIT MINING BY TRANS-NATIONAL COMPANIES, NAMELY SOLARIS RESOURCES. While we see tourism as a long lasting, sustainable development life project, people in Vancouver are interested in non-sustainable exploitation of local indigenous tribes and their territory, which will undoubtedly negatively impact this Amazonian paradise, for generations to come. They are following the same strategies as Corriente Resources, who sold their company to the Chinese CRCC for over $650,000,000, leaving nothing for the communities where the proposed mines are, while enriching investors who have never stepped foot in the Amazon.

Many thanks to Geovanny Cambizaca and Patrick Mundo for organizing this, as well as the support of the Mayor of Limon Indanza, Erik Paco Bustamante.

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