Labor Social (Social Work)


Remember one year ago when the Amazon rain forest was on fire? How horrible it was to witness the destruction of thousands of acres of forest, the literal lung of the world, on fire? Did you do anything to help? Could you have?
Now, the fires are out, and the world finds itself in a horrible pandemic, which is now encroaching in on the fragile ecosystem inhabitants.

A gesture of compassion is needed now more than ever.

The rainforest may just have the cure within its undiscovered biodiversity and their interactions (both macro and micro scopic), not just to a virus, but to cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. We know it is the cure of stress, of polluted cities, of famine with the highly productive tropical environment, soils, and native wisdom which has been used for generations.  But the inhabitants who are the very protectors of our air supply, do not have viable health care in place, and the educational system is now collapsing.  Support our efforts to address these basic rights.