Project - Covid-19 Response


In the Ecuadorian Amazon, a country wide lock down, and unprecedented hardship, have driven palpable fear into the daily lives of our rural communities.

Fathers are struggling to support their families.  Mothers cannot nurture their children.  Dread and worry have overwhelmed any remains of normalcy, as mandated stay at home laws have removed the means by which most families survive, and inhibited transportation of produce.  Work, trade, and agriculture…, community, and education…all set aside, as a struggling nation and peoples suffer through the uncertainty of this unprecedented pandemic.

How does one calculate life’s toughest decisions as scarce resources are evaporating at alarming rates?  How does one decide whether to process one of their few hens for a meal today, while knowing that result leaves no eggs for tomorrow, and no chicks for next month?

While this is a situation we cannot possibly fathom, we can become an active part of the solution.
In addition to food and essential sanitary supplies, common vegetable seeds such as cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, and others will be distributed  to promote local community agriculture and sustainable practices, now needed more than ever due to the closure of roads and difficult access to rural communities.
Donations will be compiled for community interventions, bringing much needed supplies and food to very rural communities which are in dire need of basic goods.
Relief responses will be coordinated with local governments to ensure every penny of your donation is used for purchasing necessary supplies and delivered to those who need it most.

While Conciencia Amazonica cannot save the world, nor solve all these problems overnight, with a little assistance, we can deliver food to a hungry family, provide seeds and education on how to cultivate a small family garden, and make a difference today.


By becoming a supporting member of Conciencia Amazonica

$50 will feed a family of five for 2 weeks
$100 will feed a family of five for 1 month
$500 will feed a family of five for 10 months
$1500 will feed an Entire Community (30 packs) for 2 weeks


By supporting our COVID 19 Response Fund!!!


Of your donation, and how your kindness make’s an immediate impact to the lives of struggling families in the rural Amazonian Region of Ecuador!!!