Project - Education


Conciencia Amazónica has become a key supporting community member in the COVID-19 pandemia in Morona Santiago. We continue our communications with local radio programs and media to educate the local people about the pandemic, and proactive actions to prevent the spread of the virus to vulnerable communities, as well as providing recommendations, procedures, and strategies to local leaders.
We are now amplifying the project to support local hospitals with key techniques, strategies, and innovation, with the development of ventilators using MIT and Vanderbilt University designs. As we know, hospitals across the world were not prepared for this pandemic, and the national government has handed down responsibility to municipal governments to reopen the local economies, without fully addressing local health crisis necessities.
We are therefore promoting locals to elaborate PPE for first responders and local health staff, donations of all types to adequate local hospitals, and now a triage center to receive COVID19 patients, as the larger hospitals in the cities are now at capacity. Volunteers with first aid and other health related experience will be appropriately trained to assist, bringing much needed hands to the front lines to save lives in this relenting battle.