Sexual Misconduct

An important initiative undertaken by the foundation, implementation and application of a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct to prevent sexual misconduct between professors and students, with the assistance of clinical psychologist Anthonella Matute. We aim to promote acceptance of these codes within the contracts of all educators within schools, high schools, and Districts to prevent deplorable behavior by educators, all of whom should be positive role models for students to follow, trust worthy indiviudals who students can rely on as support to help in cases of familial or social problems, and have such qualities as integrity and respect within the communities in which they work.
Politics, as opposed to merit, have played a key role in the recent past in teachers receiving permanent job contracts, as well as such positions as principals, vice principals, and district directors. The result has been abuse of authority, lack of compliance with the legal obligations to shed light on inappropriate acts in schools and districts, and a sad view of a few educators that “if the student (under the age of 18) flirts with the professor, she is guilty as well”, and others who justify unethical actions as acceptable, because the teacher has accepted responsibility for the baby. While the politicians involved have lost their elections or re-elections, there has been no professional consequences for the individuals involved, who remain a threat to all the current students, and lessen the integrity of the educational system.
A special thanks to Marlon Paul Peláez Ruíz , Peláez Cabrera Rebeca, and Tatiana Molina of the Consejo Cantonal of San Juan Bosco in supporting our efforts. We look forward to forming strategic alliances and working with known educational leaders, family fathers, and other key community members to continue with this process.
Paul Vazquez Ochoa

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