Welcome James Agett

Beautiful act of welcoming the Sanjuanbosquences to a character that was part of their history.

He arrived to celebrate the DAY OF THANKSGIVING with his old friends with whom he shared part of his life and work in San Juan Bosco (1966-1968), it was a special reunion where the essence of friendship and work was remembered and highlighted. achieved with the sacrifice of many “mingas”, work gangs, often used in those days.

The most beautiful thing about this meeting was the feeling and visualizing the kindness and union of this county, a charming land.

He is, James Agett, United States Peace Corps Volunteer, is part of the history of founding and development of the county of San Juan Bosco, he arrived in 1966 – 1968 to build the first Block school in Morona Santiago, it was a great Fund manager for educational projects in those times.

We thank Mr. Mayor Bolívar Chacón Maldonado, Ing. Jaime Garzón, Ing. Mirian Matute, Milton Maldonado, Lorena Cordova, Robinson Ayora, Bertha Cambizaca and all those who were behind the coordination and organization for making that day … a day to always remember in the collective memory of those of us who enjoy this symbolic Dinner and everything shared.
Thank you for so much love and dedication put into this tribute and reunion.

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